My Golf Journey

Allison Day Howard, Just Finishing my second Year of Golf (2017)

Allison Day Howard (2019)
Newton, AL
Class of 2019
Birth Date:  7/17/2000
130 Pounds

Driving Distance Average: 265
7 iron Average: 145
GHIN Handicap: 3.4

My name is Allison Howard and I am 16 years old.  I started playing golf about 2 years ago.  While I am very athletic, I had no idea how difficult this game could be. After shooting close to the 120's in my first year, the hard work along with constant instruction from Hank Johnson at the Hank Johnson School of Golf, I posted scores of 79 at FSU, a 76 at Bent Brook, a 79 / 71 at Highland Park, a 73 at Grand National, a 75 at Arrowhead to win the Sub-State and  77 / 75 in the State Championship to take Runner-up Honors.  I will be playing the rest of the summer in many SJGT tournaments including a USGA Qualifier in Montgomery, Al.

I want to thank Craig Allen at Sea Island for getting me fitted with my new clubs.  They really made a difference since I was 25mph too fast for my old starter set. 

My Vision / Goals

Mr Hank ask me what were my goals for 2018.  I told him I wanted to average 73 overall.  I know this will require dedication but I am up for the challenge. I know this is what it will take to be a D1 player and on to the LPGA.  This is my dream and I am going to do everything I can to get there.

A letter from my high school coach

Dear College Coaches,

            As a past college player for four years at Florida State University and a professional golfer for six years I have seen my fair share of golfers and talent.  I came across Allison Howard two years ago and saw the most natural raw talent of any golfer I have ever seen.  I thought if she takes a big interest in golf there will be no stopping her.  All Allison needed was time and guidance in order to be an amazing golfer.  After two years Allison is still impressing me with her improvements, her talent, her swing, her drive, her dedication, her motivation, and her ability.  The only thing Allison is missing is the experience to show coaches how talented she really is.  Allison is planning on having a busy summer and fall season of golf tournaments to get more experience under her belt.

            I started golf late at the age of 14 as well and had to play catch up with my experience and Coach Amy Bond took a chance on me that I will never forget.  I got to play/travel on the traveling team for 4 years at Florida State University.   If a coach would keep an eye on Allison for the next couple of years they will see her achieve amazing scores and realize she would be a great addition to their team.  Allison has the ability to go beyond college and play on the LPGA, which is her dream.  Allison has not even come close to reaching her peak in golf. 

            Allison is an all around talented athlete with an amazing personality.  Allison would be a great addition to any team with her team spirit, her big heart, her ability to make friends and family constantly laugh and smile.  Allison is a team player, but she knows when to be serious and work on her game.  She understands what it takes to play for a D1 school and she has the commitment to do so.  Hopefully you will take an interest in Allison and she might be a player you decide to take under your wing and help her achieve her dreams.  Feel free to contact me.

Good Luck on your search for the Class of 2019 recruits!

Thank you,

Jaclyn Burch

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